Who has never read instructions for use of a domestic appliance translated from Chinese into English into French, or kind of French, to end up in an incomprehensible mumbo jumbo? That is why, regardless the price, it is important to apply to professionals with linguistic skills combined with technical competencies appropriate for such a service .


A real job


Several years of studies in translation, proficiency in the domain to be translated, lexical researches, excellent knowledge of French and skills in writing explain the cost of such a service. Today, so as to save money – but not time – too many companies still prefer to ask their collaborators to translate documents just because they speak English fluently and are familiar with technical terms in both languages. Though it is indeed a laudable effort, this work has more in common with amateurism than with professionalism. It does not read fluently and at worst, it may happen to be incomprehensible to the reader. Is it worth a try when you compare the salary of an executive with the cost of this kind of service, not to mention the time spent…?


A translation should not be limited to a price per word or per page


You will always find less expensive but what about the final quality? Try first to analyze what you expect from a translator and what you want for your company. Translating is a service. Therefore, you should address a translator as you would address a heating specialist to repair your boiler.


AltaPonthus' offer


AltaPonthus has selected experienced translators who are native speakers and have a good knowledge of linguistic and computer tools. While complying with linguistic and local cultural specificities, they make sure to respect your business identity and make a point of combining stylistic rigor and technical accuracy. Due to their profile and the current market trend, our translators can undertake the translation of different types of documents, in particular in the technical and IT domains, wholesale distribution and marketing .


So as to estimate more precisely the translation, we advise you to contact us to draw up a quote. Translation can be combined with other services. For your information, a lump sum can be applied for any translation made from a paper document.