Localization consists in translating multimedia supports (Websites, software, …) and in adapting them according to the cultural identity of the target language. In other words, it consists in translating the contents and in making sure they are operational and that they comply with the local culture. That is why this service requires strictness and methodology together with a good knowledge of computer technologies and Web multilingualism issues .




After an in depth analysis of the target market specificities, we translate contents in the required format as well as diagrams with linguistic elements. All the localized elements are then integrated to the site and tested both on the functional and on the linguistic level. We also offer a follow-up service to ensure that communication with your prospective clients and new audience remains up to date and seamless.


AltaPonthus' offer


The combination of computer tools and technical skills of our team enables to localize your contents in two types of format:

  • html format: the content is directly translated in the html code without necessarily modifying it. We can also translate and implement the graphic elements in your Website.
  • Word or RTF format: we just translate the content that you have extracted in a Word or RTF file and your webmaster integrates it in the site. We also translate any graphic element.



So as to estimate more precisely this type of service, we advise you to contact us to draw up a quote. For your information, this service is charged on an hour basis. In case it is combined with other services, a specific price can be applied.