Linguistic consulting          

As professional translators are language specialists, they can help you in achieving any task related to your communication project by participating in the corporate image of your company. From this perspective, AltaPonthus offers you its skills and talents in terms of:

  • Grammatical and spelling correction
  • Technical writing (user guide, manuals, …)
  • Report, presentation, e-mail writing
  • Unilingual revision
  • Style guide designing
  • Documentation update

So as to better satisfy your needs, these services are “à la carte”: you choose the working language (French, English or both) as well as the service(s) you need. If necessary, our dedicated team can also carry out on site missions .
You can contact us and we can meet in order to assess your needs in detail and offer you a complete proposal.


Linguistic project management


Conducting a project requires skills far more complex than managing a team dedicated to a project. An in depth acknowledgement of multilingual stakes and computer-aided tools is essential to conduct such a project. The professional team of AltaPonthus can assist you by carrying out this mission on site and providing you with its expertise to:

  • Help to identify your requirements
  • Define the project scope and analyze the translation source text
  • Select the relevant professionals to complete the project team (translators, proofreaders, …)
  • Choose the working tools
  • Schedule and organize the work load appropriately
  • Check the project progress by tracking it from stage to stage
  • Communicate with your collaborators on the project status and issues

Lexicon, glossary, dictionary are reference tools used to harmonize the words used within your company. They also represent a precious help for our translators who will adapt THEIR translations to YOUR company vocabulary. AltaPonthus offers you:

  • to create a reference tool (glossary, lexicon, etc.) proper to your company which will be used in the translations
  • to complete an existing reference tool that will be enriched along with future translations

For your information, this service applies to long term and/or recurring projects in particular.




Alignment allows to utilize previous translations performed without computer-aided tool by matching each segment with its translation. The relevant matching table will be used as translation memory and will speed up future translations.
Thanks to specific tools, AltaPonthus can undertake any alignment project and create a translation memory proper to each customer.


Rewriting consists in improving the quality of a text written in French in order it reads more fluently and emphasizes its message impact on the reader.
Due to its linguistic skills, the AltaPonthus team can carry out this kind of service.




We first preview your documents and then we write and/or translate the speech of the people involved. AltaPonthus offers you three transcription options: direct style, indirect style, no modification.
Like a translation, any transcription job must undergo a high-quality control and is subject to proofreading.