Cécile Baudic        

Holder of a post-graduate degree in Technical Translation Multilingual and Multimedia communication from the University of Rennes 2 (Rennes , France), I joined the AltaPonthus company in 2005 after a training which completed my degree. In addition to my linguistic skills, my education enabled me to develop my interest in multimedia creation and infographics (creation of Web sites, desktop publishing, ...).

I do not have one but several missions within AltaPonthus: project management, translation, proofreading and contribution to the company development. Moreover, I am also in charge of administering our Web site and handling translation-related tasks (page layout, file conversion, …)

    Anne-Gatienne Boitel        

I have a diploma in translation and a degree in English literature from the IPLV ( Angers , France ). Before joining AltaPonthus, I had been working as a translator-project manager in big American editors of ERP software for more than 15 years. This combination of positions enabled me to participate in the administrative and logistic management of translation (translator recruiting, coordination of translation stakeholders, translation plannings, …) and to perform proper translations.

In January 2006, I joined AltaPonthus where I could build on my experience. In addition to translating and proofreading, my mission consists in managing projects, optimizing the company development and participating in drawing up marketing and communication action plans.